Year As A Yogini

Year As A Yogini

Progress Time: What Three Weeks of Minimal Yoga Does!?

As I talked about in last week’s blog, I was approaching my yoga practice all wrong. This week though, there was progress!

Year As a Yogini: Flower Child Dreams and Falling in Love

Well, I am starting over. That’s the thing about life. You can always start over. I am trying to find myself again. I want to feel myself again. I want to love myself again, and yoga showed me that love. So please join me as I explore this Year As A Yogini.

Year As… A Blogger Part 2?

I am back, and what a time to be back. It is almost 3 years after I gave birth to this brain child and about 2 years after I have sort of abandoned it. 2020 has been a wild year of twists and turns, and I am privileged and lucky enough to have the safety, support system, and space to write.

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