Year As a Blogger

Year As A Blogger

Year As… A Blogger Part 2?

I am back, and what a time to be back. It is almost 3 years after I gave birth to this brain child and about 2 years after I have sort of abandoned it. 2020 has been a wild year of twists and turns, and I am privileged and lucky enough to have the safety, support system, and space to write.

Don’t Let Your Ideas Die, Give Them CPR Instead

I have a real personal goal to be the best me I can be. That requires being uncomfortable, working through self-doubt, gaining confidence, and learning new things in the process. If I quit now I’ll let myself down, and I’d hate to let myself down.

Social Identity Crisis  

  Hello Everyone Happy Easter and Happy Passover! I am always so happy to see you all back here and sticking with me throughout the year. And to all my new friends, welcome! As some of you may have noticed, or maybe not, I didn’t post last month. I was experiencing a sort of identity… Continue reading Social Identity Crisis  

Dealing With Negative Emotions

There is so much time, space and possibility for everyone to make it. Especially you all! Don’t let negativity create avoidable obstacles on your path to success! 

Finding Your Voice

Your voice, your writing style, your blog, paper, article, book, or whatever is YOURS!

5 Stats On What Beginning Looks Like

I do not come from money, I do not have a lot of business investors, friends, or experience. I have a dream, a computer, and now a domain name. You can do this. We can do this. This is what beginning looks like. It is slow, a little lonely, really intimidating and overwhelming, but let that stop you.

5 Ways to Combat Loneliness and Meet New People

Starting something new is intimidating enough, and doing it alone can be almost paralyzing. I think being alone can lead to so much growth and should never be a reason that you aren’t able to reach your goals.

3 Articles That’ll Help You Overcome Self-Doubt

It’s an easy cycle to get caught up in, but instead of looking around and seeing how far behind you might be in the race. Unlike racing, life is not about who finishes first, it’s about making sure you finish.

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