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Progress Time: What Three Weeks of Minimal Yoga Does!?

Happy Monday All,

Thank you so much for being here with me and following along! Today I am presenting my “progress pictures.” These images aren’t really providing much progress, because for the past 3 weeks, I haven’t been practicing much. So instead maybe they should be called “starter pictures.” These are the images of what I look like now at the beginning of my journey. I was really hesitating to take and post these pictures because as much as I want to be a super star, unshake-able, power woman, I know I have insecurities.

This Week’s Practice

This week I focused on my breathing and deep stretching. Since I was starting off really aggressively last week, I tried to find more gently and calming practices to help me focus much more on my breath and mental/emotional state rather my body.

Total Body Yoga – Deep Stretch

I also did two pranayama practices, I didn’t use these videos but these are great videos for beginners!

Ujjayi (Victorious Breath)

Nadi Shodhana (Alternative Nostril Breathing)

Insecurities and Yoga

As I talked about in last week’s blog, I was approaching my yoga practice all wrong. This week though, there was progress! I began every practice saying to out to myself “I wish to feel ease, I wish to feel flexibility, and peace.” Even during my practice, when I notice my mind wandering over to hoping I looked better or wishing had a different body, I would pull myself back and repeat these words to myself. This way I was able to provide a friendly reminder that what I think I “want” is not actually what I want. I want to feel ease in my body, no more aching, no more pain. I want to experience flexibility, not just physically, but emotionally. Being able to adapt to the world around me, especially in these times is so important for coping with my anxieties! Lastly, I want to have peace. Peace, for me, is true patience with myself, true security, and genuine appreciate for my life and body. So I remind myself these are the things that I “think” having a more commercially acceptable body will present me, and in some ways I may have more security, but I will not have ease or peace – those last much longer than aesthetics.

So its safe to say, no my intentions didn’t “cure” me of insecurities, but they did help me get here. Now I will post my current pictures and a few older pictures from two years ago when I really FIRST started my yoga journey and 4 months afterwards.

My Pictures!?

Below is my first ever yoga pose picture (black shirt) and the second one is four months difference (blue tank). It may look really similar but check the space by the heel of my foot!

Here is me today, same pose…

So this image looks more similar to my very first, but now with a static grad life routine, sitting, typing, reading and napping, I have lost a little flexibility in my thigh as well. Here are my other side by sides! These images are after 6 months of consistent practice and the others are of me now!


Here I am, sharing these pictures and you know what? After all that dread, I am actually quite inspired. I may feel so far from back then, but maybe not? Sure I had a lot more space when I was practicing regularly, but this was a good reminder that with consistent practice I can find that space and ease again.

I would love to hear about your journies and progress! Please comment below what you have been working on! Or if you have tried any of the videos I have shared!?

Until next week!


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