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Yoga Goals and Becoming a Yogini

Hello Friends,

I hope you all are feeling safe, healthy and are spending time taking care of you! Today, I realize I need to set some ground rules. This seems to be the most important part of the year, its my personal contract with myself and you all. Though, this Year As A Yogini proves to be a little harder to measure. Before as I was learning about blogging, I could give you statistics, measurements, and lessons learned. This year is different. This journey is personal, physical and spiritual. I am not sure how to demonstrate that on a blog, but HEY!  I have to try.

This journey is important because in this moment, I find myself more and more worried about the future, my health, the current state of the world and all of those things are very overwhelming. While I do not think yoga will solve any of these problems completely, I do know have a movement practice in such an extreme time of uncertainty can help people with anxiety (like me) feel grounded or in control. It can help people who feel hopeless or loss feel a sense strength and balance. It can also support people interested in having healthy hearts, better lung capacity, joint care, physical therapy, body dysphoria, flexibility, and even getting RIPPED! It can do these things because it is gentle, adaptable, and personal enough for ANY body to do (including bodies with disabilities, bodies who never workout, tired bodies, active bodies, sad bodies, happy bodies).

And now more than ever people need care. So if you have ever thought about doing yoga and did know if it would work, maybe this journey is for you! But even if you HATE yoga, that is okay! There are soooo many other things that can do for you what yoga does for me! You are still welcomed to see what my journey looks like and use it as a template for your own!

My Journey

So here is what I am thinking. First and foremost, I will post twice a month minimum, but I want to try to write every week! (Wish me luck.) All blogs will go live on a Monday, giving me the weekend to think things through.

The next part is harder, but I think the best way to track my progress is to do the following things

1. Document My Thoughts

Well, yes. This is a blog and that is what I always do. But, I mean something different. Since I am interested in falling in love with myself more and deepening my yoga practice, I need to understand what and how I am feeling about myself through this process. So each week I will describe how I am feeling in my yoga practice. I will journal mental blocks, moments of success, moments where I can improve, ideas I had while practicing, wishes and dreams that come up. Basically this blog will sort of be a window to my soul!

2. Document My Practice

I will also have to be held accountable and demonstrate I am also actually doing yoga, and not just talking about it! As a result, I’ve decided I will account for how many times I did my practice and if I do them online I will share where I was able to do the class. This is important because it will help me chart which practices help me reach my goal or inspire me the most, but it also can be useful if you want to join along with me! In this way you can see what yoga practices I am doing, and how I am journaling my experiences and do it at home alone with me!

3. Provide Monthly Progress Pictures

When I was at the peak of my yoga practice, I was strong and balanced. Now… Not so much! That is soooo Okay! It has been almost a year since I’ve done yoga consistently and it would be impossible for my body to not experience differences! That’s how bodies work! They adapt to their needs of their environment! I have chosen monthly instead of weekly mostly because I feel a month is a good enough time to notice progress and also it will give me enough time to mentally prepare to take progress pictures!! (Hahahha we aren’t all models… yet.) lol

These will be the components of my weekly/bi-weekly blogs. Since I am setting expectations, I also want to send out into the interwebs my goal of transitioning from being dependent on YouTube Yogis and by the sixth month of my journey, I want to transition into my own flows that I created based off my needs. This will require that I keep pushing my yoga education and practice consistently to learn about myself and yoga mechanics further.

Lastly, if you know any good yoga instructors or videos, or you just want to chat please feel free to leave a comment or contact me! I am so excited to learn more about all of our journeys so please don’t be a stranger.

Me September 2018 at Mt. Zion National Park

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