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Year As… A Blogger Part 2?

My fancy new desk and writing set up

Hello dear friends,

I am back, and what a time to be back. It is almost 3 years after I gave birth to this brain child and about 2 years after I have sort of abandoned it. I am not going to lie, I had disappeared as a product of yet another new life journey. I got accepted into a PhD program at UCLA and, to put it simply, it was a lot more work than I had expected. When I got the news I had all these ideas of cool “Year As” journeys that I could do, like “Year As An Angeleno” or “Year As A PhD Student.” I even made a youtube video, which I never posted, about how I found my 2 bedroom apartment in Los Angeles. However, when push came to shove, a lot of new things brought about a lot of new time commitments that I was just not ready for. As a result, I accidently let “Year As” become a fond memory of something fun I did once.

Well… I think I’m over that now. Now I am getting messages or signs that I need to come back. Mostly from my mother, my boyfriend and even a friend from high school. So here I am, I am back.

But like I said, Don’t Let Your Ideas Die, Give Them CPR Instead. So here I am taking my own advice and resuscitating my blog. 2020 has been a wild year of twists and turns, good and bad. Through all this madness and scariness, I am privileged and lucky enough to have the safety, support system, and space to write. This post isn’t meant to be long, it is meant to say “I’m going to try this again”. So please feel free to join me as I discover a new year and a new journey.

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