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Top 10 things Blogging For a Year Has Taught Me

Hello my dear friends!

What a wonderful July! I am so happy and so lucky to have you all here with me. Can you believe it? In two weeks “Year As” will officially be a YEAR OLD! It went by so fast, I am actually in disbelief! This past year was amazing, educational, and ultimately super rewarding. But now that the year is up, what have I accomplished? Well, honestly I don’t know, but lets see.


Top 10 things Blogging For a Year Has Taught Me


  1. Blogging is a lot of work.

No seriously it really is. Even more than the other blogging sites make it seem. When you sit there and hatch an idea you are so motivated and enthusiastic that you have all the energy and steam to keep going, but 7 months later, when life hits, you get busy, tired, sick, emotionally drained, it gets harder. Blogging takes time yes, but the hard part isn’t the writing or posting, its keeping belief in yourself and what your doing. Sometimes I literally had no idea what I was doing, I would have writers block, I even would completely forget to write! It happened. Its been a long year. But I wouldn’t change it, and honestly, I do not plan on giving up. Sure, things are hard, but with practice and time, things get easier. This I know from past experiences, but also, I hope to keep proving to myself with “Year As”. So have no desire to stop, even as I enter into this new stage of my life. I just now have an even more realistic idea of the type of work I have to do. And just because things are difficult or tiring, it doesn’t mean they aren’t manageable. So that’s my next step, learn to manage!

  1. Blogging is actually super social.

So when I started I knew networking was going to be important. I had no idea what networking looked liked though. I imagined it to just be me sliding into other people’s DMs telling them about “Year As” and reading their blog. What I found out is that it can be so much more. It can totally be in person interaction, making real friends, even going to fun events and just being brave enough to tell people you blog without feeling weird about it. I have made some really cool friends, that are doing such amazing things. And, no ultimately having relationships with people with 15k+ followers doesn’t guarantee   or even suggest your immediate success path, but it does allow you to get insight of what a full-time influencer’s life is like. You can  ask questions, get advice, see behind the scene things, or just be regular people with a regular friendly friendship. It’s super fun and feels a lot better than just messaging people to follow your page and/or subscribe! (With that said that is still totally a part of the package if you want to be an influencer)

  1. I actually have no desire to be an “Influencer”

I learned that what ever I envision my life to be, and what an influencer’s life is, are completely different. I am social, but not super social, I share, but not all the time. My life is still pretty dry toast and I really actually like it that way. For an influencer, social media and their web presence is their job. I learned I have no desire to have that job. Instead I want my job whatever that will be and I want my blog and social to be a supplement to it. I don’t want to have to put all my energy into my social, web, and blog. That’s really just a lot for me, but I wouldn’t have known that before spending this last year pretending that was what I wanted. I learned there are so many other ways to live life and be accessible to people without having to be an influencer. I am not quite sure how I will do it, but I know I can figure it out eventually.

  1. People are super nice

That’s really it. Y’all are nice. I wrote about confusion, life, and self-doubt and there you all were in my comments, sometimes even messaging me, and saying super encouraging, thoughtful and nice things! I am forever grateful. Because honestly, if you all weren’t so nice, it would have been extremely easy to say forget it and quit.

  1. Social and People are Forgiving

I have skipped months of writing, said wonky things, spent over 6 months not posting on IG and poof the moment I came back, it felt like I never left. This is not a great motto to live by, especially if you want to be a social media mogul, but it does provide some perspective. Take care of you, do what is right for you, and don’t let the fear of becoming “irrelevant” force you to keep exhausting yourself. Social will be there when you get back. Your good friends and followers will be there when you get back. And everyone will be happier if you practice authenticity and do what is right for you. (Thank you for practicing patience with me, I so lucky to have you all supporting me)

  1. I Get Distracted Easily

So turns out a year is a long time for me. I get really amped about something and boom! I want to switch up what I am doing and start a new year goal. “Year As” helps me stay committed to a topic, but I am not going to trap myself either. I plan on being a little more dynamic and allowing new years to begin when ever I start something new. So from now I will try and update my website to have multiple tabs, that explain new adventures and how their going. This also is helpful because this upcoming year I am starting so many new adventures. I am moving to sunny Los Angeles, starting my first year of my PhD at UCLA, I am living without my significant other for the first time, I’m learning yoga and contemplating becoming a mermaid. I have a lot going on, and it would be a shame if I didn’t tell someone about it! (hahaha,  feel free to let me know what you’re most interested in)

  1. I Like Writing but…

Basically, writing is fun and easy for me to do, but I definitely want to give videos a try. In addition to my website revamp, I really want to try YouTube videos. I am not sure how I will link it back too the blog, but I am excited to try it and see if I like. So if you have any advice please, oh please share!

  1. Sometimes People Stop Supporting You But Still Support You

This is sort of based off an old post I wrote, but I learned it from this Year As a Blogger. People want you to succeed but like any supporter, reader, fan, or follower it takes a lot of investment, and while people may want you to succeed, they might not want to read a post every week. It’s not personal, it just may not be their thing. It’s important to focus on the followers who are nice, engaged, and happy and not the ones who aren’t, even if you know them in real life.

  1. Numbers Aren’t Everything But They Are Interesting

When it was all said and done, I ended with 55 friends who are a part of my journey and are curious to see where “Year As” will take me. That feels nice. At first glance it may not seem like a lot, but really, I have gotten a little more than a new follower every week. That is super inspiring for me! Those number may not get me major sponsorships, but it does let me know that people care, and ultimately, that’s really all I want. I want to help people or at the least intrigue people.


That’s right, I am ending on a cliché. I think my blog is fun and the best and I am so exciting to see it grow. Thank you for being here, thank you for supporting me. I’ll see you next year lol

6 thoughts on “Top 10 things Blogging For a Year Has Taught Me”

    1. It has! What is funny is that you don’t learn it all at once, so sometimes it is easy to forget how far you actually came and how much you really have learned!

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Thats so exciting feel free to email me if you would like to guess blog and talk about your first year!!! That would be amazing to hear


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