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Don’t Let Your Ideas Die, Give Them CPR Instead

Hello Everyone!

I am always so excited to see you all back here! Especially when I have my own personal struggles of coming back here. I remember when I started my blog almost 10 months ago, I thought, “I want to share how I feel and be honest with all my readers.” I reread some of my older posts and realized lately I am missing what seems like the most important part of my blog, transparency. So we know my life was a roller coasters, I was going through a blogger identity crisis, and now here I am typing a message to you all. Because I realized other bloggers deal with this too, so thought maybe I should talk about it.

For many of us big eye, bushy tail bloggers we get a great idea, (“Year As”, for example) and just know it will take off one day! We feel it in our gut, the cosmos spoke to us and the heavens rained down a magnificent idea just for us and we know it will forever change our life. Except, the idea was the easy part. Sure, for the most part we knew it was going to take hard work, maybe long days, some sleepless nights, but it will be worth it. Of course!

Then life starts to happen, your goals change, maybe you get bigger better ideas, or you just don’t know if it was actually worth it. Which causes you to question if this was for you in the first place, or maybe we convince ourselves we are just the idea people and the do-ers are a different type of breed. It happens, it’s happening to me, maybe it has happened to you. So our efforts dwindle, our consistency suffers and our ideas die. Sometimes that’s perfectly fine, and sometimes we regret of second of it!

I Want No Regrets

Here’s the deal. I started this blog knowing it was going to be time-consuming and hard, but it doesn’t make it not for me. When I first started there was so much energy and momentum behind almost every post. Family members were emailing and texting me asking me to send them the link, friends were “so proud of me”, my social media was a buzz, but time keeps going. “Year As” isn’t so new, I mean it’s almost a year old! Now my family asks if I still do that blogging thing, or friends will ask “are you keeping up with your writing”, you know instead of actually following the blog and reading it. (lol). It’s less exciting, it’s less novel, but it doesn’t make it less good.

I don’t want to let “Year As” die. I love my blog, I think about it daily, maybe I don’t work on it like I use to, maybe I am still not making any money, but it still feels right. Sometimes when we lose that momentum its hard to get back in to the groove, it’s easier to give-up or just go through the motions, but be kind with yourself, and even kinder with your ideas. They are essentially living and breathing entities with their own life, when they are born they are exciting and everyone wants to see it, like a new-born baby! And even more like a new born baby, people get less excited with it as it starts to get older and familiar. But boom one day that baby starts talking and walking and people are all over Instagram dropping heart emojis and saying how cute that baby is.

Okay, but this is a Blog and Not a Baby…

I guess, that’s a good point. But what I am trying to get at is energy sometimes comes in waves. When you create something its new and novel, then there’s a period as an artist, business person, or blogger, where you are no longer blinded by the shiny novelty of it all and start to see all the places it needs to be polished and improved. It can feel overwhelming. It can be discouraging. Don’t let it kill your idea, because as you start to fine tune that last musical note and mix and master your final beat, you breath a new life in it. It almost always looks completely different from when you started and it’s a master piece.

Same goes for blogging, or ideas in general. Right now, it is really hard for me to make myself write. I don’t necessarily feel inspired. Or maybe I don’t necessarily feel like I am achieving what I wanted, to help people explore life. But maybe that’s because I am not imploring the same creativity I did when I needed to come up with this million-dollar idea! So I make myself write, because I know it’s easier for me to quit, than challenge myself to do better. It is hard work, especially when you are doing something alone, for yourself. We don’t want to let ourselves down, but it’s a lot easier to do than letting others feel disappointed. But let me tell you, WE MATTER! We deserve to flourish and hold ourselves accountable. So you want to be a producer, then make sure everything you do is going to help you succeed at your dream. You want to be a T-shirt mogul, then please don’t doubt yourself. It’s possible. We’re worth it. Our ideas are good.

Our Ideas are Good

Yes! 98% of the time our ideas are wonderful. The real problem is sometimes we can see the beginning and ending but forget about the middle. Maybe you want to be a medical doctor, you see the bachelor’s degree, you see your own successful practice, but we forget to consider the 8 years of extra study and residency that can be exhausting, long, and force us to face challenges that sometimes we excel at, and sometimes we fail at. That doesn’t mean we shouldn’t be a doctor, just means we need to be willing to re-imagine what our dreams or ideas look like.

Life is unpredictable, we have children, lose jobs, get promoted, get married, and things change rapidly. Our values change, our point of view changes. But if your dreams and ideas linger after all of that, then they are worth it. And if it still feels right after all of that, then they are good ideas. So don’t give up on them.

And what’s wonderful about our own dreams and ideas, is that we can always try again. Maybe at 22 you failed at starting a bakery, but now at 30 you have a new life perspective, skill sets, and confidence that will help you succeed. I’ve skipped posting days, I know bloggers who have stopped for years, and then all of a sudden something changes and here we are right back on our computer. You can do this.


So yes, after all this pep talk, I still feel a little uninspired. But I did all this pep talk, so next week, when I am feeling like I shouldn’t be a writer I can come back and remember why I am here. I have a real personal goal to be the best me I can be. That requires being uncomfortable, working through self-doubt, gaining confidence, and learning new things in the process. If I quit now I’ll let myself down, and I’d hate to let myself down.

I hope you feel the same way. I agree it is hard, and sometimes not as fun as we thought it was going to be, but it doesn’t mean we were wrong about the pay-off and the ending. Keep working, don’t give up.

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    1. Thank you so much! I really appreciate your comment, sometimes i feel a little lost. 💙 I’m glad we are in this together!!!


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