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Social Identity Crisis  


Hello Everyone Happy Easter and Happy Passover!

I am always so happy to see you all back here and sticking with me throughout the year. And to all my new friends, welcome! As some of you may have noticed, or maybe not, I didn’t post last month. I was experiencing a sort of identity crisis. I am not sure if other bloggers experience this or not, so I thought I would write on it.

What About Change?

When blogging, or really anything in life, sometimes you can feel stuck, in a rut and uninspired. Or in my case I was so inspired, excited and moved by an experience it made me want to rethink and reformat everything! For me blogging was supposed to be a separate hobby, something on the side that was a super specific part of me. But as time goes on and I fall more and more in love with it, I want to put more of myself into “Year As”. I just don’t know how.

As some of you may have read in my very first post, “Year As” is a time frame for me to work towards a goal, documenting my journey, and hoping to find friends along the way. This first year, wanted to spend it as a blogger, focusing on things bloggers, blogging communities, and people who like reading blogs would care about. But now I feel as if it is really impersonal.

How can I better share my family life, favorite foods, even school stuff without being self-centered or a lifestyle blogger “wanna-be”?

I want to go through a sort of rebrand. Which for me sounds even more inauthentic, but its true. I want to rethink our relationship. I want to share more, get to know you all, and grow together more dynamically.

But… I Need Help.

Here’s the part of the blog where I usually have my big epiphany and tell you how I dealt with my problem and ways you can too. BUT! I DON’T KNOW WHAT TO DO!

I love blogging, but I don’t know what appeals to you all. Everyone one of you who have taken the time and followed my journey, I truly appreciate and consider my friends.

So today I am asking help from my friends!

Who are bloggers that inspire you?

What do you look for in a blog?

Have you ever felt this way with your work?

Please comment below.

I would love some direction and any kind words you have!

10 thoughts on “Social Identity Crisis  ”

  1. Hey there, I haven’t had the pleasure of following all of your work, but this caught my attention.
    I am a blogger, but also a social media person that focuses on art, writing and basically anything around it. That’s pretty vague, but as my followers grow they know what to expect or what type of voice I have with my work. I’ve completely questioned myself and wondered if I should just stop. But every time I post, every time I sit down and focus: not only do I learn more about what I’m writing about, but I learn more about myself. I feel more complete.
    I feel that applies here too.
    I think the reason you’re worried, is because it seems your more caught up in the process of blogging than to just blog. Please try not to hesitate with your work, or question yourself. Trust in your work, find your overall intention (which seems to be self-journey). So self-journey, and let us follow with you.
    I hope this makes sense! But if it doesn’t, just reach out. Being a blogger, means you are a part of a huge community my friend. And we are all here to help one another! 🙂

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    1. Thank you so much thats so sweet. I do digital marketing and social media for art non profits and i feel they have so much to offer compared to my blog!! But you made a really good point! I really appreciate your input and reminding me to refocus on the journey 💙 how long have you been writing? How do you deal with the second guessing?

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      1. Im glad to be able to help! 💜 Omg you have so much to offer to your blog too! Especially since your writing all the time. You see so many trends and you can reflect on how these trends influence you as an individual! I’ve been writing for years, I’m in my last quarter of finishing my bachelor’s in it though. 🙂
        To deal with second guessing, I just take a little break and look at stuff to inspire me to keep going. Or to write/draw something that is more of a therapeutic quality.


  2. I have not followed your blog yet, and I am also new in this blogger world. It is really fun! Before I post my blog, I made sure that I have a topic in mind, but before I compose that I’m reading other blogger’s point of view/opinions about it by going through their blogs as well. That way I can get more ideas and build my own ideas to share to my blog. So far, I think it’s working. ☺️


    1. That’s amazing! I think its a great practice to reflect on what we want first to explore first. I think I was losing sight of that and why I started blogging in the first! Thank you for your comment ❤

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