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10 Reasons Blogging Should Be Your Valentine


Hello Everyone and happy February!

I know Valentine’s day has just past, cue heart candy picture…

heart candy

So I am hoping to write a post that will make you fall in love with blogging.

Usually I try and keep my posts pretty universal, but this year is a #YearAs a blogger so why not?

If you are already blogging let me know if you agree and if you are kind of considering it, or not at all, let’s see if this post encourages you to try it!

Here are my top 10 reasons to blog:

1. Creative Outlet:

While from the outside blogging seems super technical, the reality is it doesn’t have to be. As you may already know you can blog about anything in anyway. Love cooking? Do a cooking blog. Love make-up do a make-up blog! Hate writing do a photo-blog. The possibilities are literally endless and all are dictated by what you love to do. Plus it isn’t as messy as a craft room, though sometimes I like the mess!

2. Enhances Writing Skills:

No seriously. You know the old saying, “practice makes perfect”? Well what’s a more perfect practice then writing a blog? Yeah, maybe you language teacher isn’t helping you with grammar and syntax but Word and WordPress will. Not to mention, the more you write, the more you discover just what type of writer you really are. I am super conversational, others are technical, but I found that out though “Year As”.

3. You Constantly Learn:

Sure every blog isn’t an adventure blog like mine, but every blog is an adventure! You could start off by blogging about vegan options in Ohio and bata-boom-bata-bing one comment later you are learning about sustainable farming practices in Nepal that could revolutionize veganism in the US! You never know. Not to mention, you really do become a sort of expert because you are dedicating so much time to learning, thinking and writing about what you love. Through blogging it is super easy to go from a mom of three who just likes crochet to a working mom who is now the super crochet lady of Vermont!

 4. Makes Friends:

This is one surprised me to say the least. I didn’t realize it before I started writing, but people really do find blogging interesting. Not to mention you would be surprised how many people you already known actually blog already! The more you talk about it the more connections you grow. Then you notice certain people who read your blog a lot and/or comment frequently and they become your friends. Or you get real passionate and serious about blogging and start attending workshops, events, meet and greets and BOOM! New Friends! They are around every virtual and non-virtual corner.

5. Helps People:

Of course, if you have a health blog or a parenting blog, you know that your blog helps people. But all blogs help people. Your perspective is uniquely yours and wonderful and will inspire someone! It can open their eyes to a new way of looking at things, or validate their weird obsession with Matcha tea, or make them feel like they have a community of underwater basket weavers even after moving to a new city. A blog is a resource, a family, a home.

6. Records Your Life:

It may not be day by day or hour by hour but a blog becomes a really cool snapshot of your life that you would be able to look back at forever. It’s a place that you write, share your thoughts, and memorialize your experiences. Even if you only blog for a short while future family and friends or elderly you can easily look back and think “wow that was really cool”, or “oh my, I remember doing that”. It’s a completely accessible water proof time proof journal. And that in itself is pretty awesome.

7. It Lasts:

Okay so maybe this one is just a continuation of number 6… but honestly that is so cool to me. It’s a piece of you preserved in time that will last as long as the internet last. Which I think will be

8. Control:

A blog really allows you the ability to have complete and utter control over, well… everything! You choose the layout, the domain name, the wording, the topics, and more. It is really empowering to have a project where you don’t have to consult anyone and explore things exactly how you want. And change things as often as you want. It’s really freeing!

9. You Gain Skills:

While growing and getting to learn new things is great for personal reasons. Blogging has practical benefits too. You learn marketing, branding, editing, writing, etc… You get real business skills that are super transferable to most jobs. It shows a certain level of dedication and tenacity because you are doing something for free, putting yourself out there, and trying to better yourself. Jobs love that! And if you blog about something relevant to your field it serves as another reference employers can look at that proves you know your stuff!


Well that is super self-explanatory, but definitely needs to be said. It is fun!


Do you have any other reasons why you love blogging? I’d love to hear it in the comments! Puhleeeease

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