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Dealing With Negative Emotions

Hello friends!

Welcome back.  Today I am going to share some good news and bad news.

Bad News

Earlier this week I was in a blogger Facebook group looking at and reading posts, like I often do. When I read one in particular, it struck a feeling within me that I didn’t know existed. To give a little context, this blogger made a post asking a harmless question. It started standardly, it read, “a brand approached me to be the face of one of their products, they are paying me to write a review and to do few photoshoots.” However, it was the next line that did it, that shook me, caught me off guard and made me do a double take. She said, “I have been only blogging for five months and I am not sure what is a reasonable price to ask for.” There it was a new feeling; a green little monster came out of no where and punched me in the gut. I was jealous.

Even though I quickly shifted my thoughts to a more positive space, I had to accept it, even if it was just for a split second, I felt inadequate, behind, and most shamefully envious of that blogger.

Good News

While this feeling did not feel good at all, it was not the end of the world. Jealousy is a dangerous little beast because it has the ability to distract you and derail you from focusing on your unique path. The reality was, I wasn’t upset with her, she was amazing! She was getting recognized in 5 months how inspiring! The reality was I was upset that I didn’t do it as fast. In other words, I genuinely want everyone to succeed but I guess I also genuinely want to not fail.
And that’s totally okay because our failures are not predicated on someone else’s successes or visa versa. In fact there is enough success to go around.

Okay, thanks but….

Well here is the thing, I know this can sound super cliché, but it requires a level of self-awareness to really prevent jealousy from consuming you. What is rooted in the manifestation of jealousy is the belief or feeling of inadequacy. It’s the sensation of self-doubt. It’s comparing ourselves to someone else. But someone else doesn’t really matter!

I’ve noticed there are so many different blogging styles and bloggers. Every story is different. Some people get rich and famous within the first 90 days while others blog for 15 years and are now starting to make a living off of it. But what almost all of these successful people really share in common is the love to blog, the willingness to put effort time and authenticity into their passion.

When we try to achieve anything in life, if we do it solely for the wrong reasons, it difficult to not get discouraged, jealous and burnt out. But if we approach our goals with honesty, authenticity and passion, the goal become less about the achievement and more about how you are getting there.


Deep down I still feel pretty bad about it, but I am trying to remember that yes it is okay to compare yourself to others, sometimes it is the only way to hold yourself accountable. However, it is so important that when we do this, it is from a place of growth and not solely competition.

To become the best version of yourself, a big part of that is loving what you do. Not just loving what you have or can achieve but genuinely loving the journey. If every morning you wake up loving the path you are on, it easier to not be concerned with anyone else’s journey. There is so much time, space and possibility for everyone to make it. Especially you all! Don’t let negativity create avoidable obstacles on your path to success!

2 thoughts on “Dealing With Negative Emotions”

  1. That’s amazing that you are recognizing this so early on on your journey Brisa! It took me a long time to really sink in that we all work at our paces and our successes come at different times as well. I’ve started to embrace that more and more the more that I’ve been reading other peoples work and really taking it all in. I’m at a point where I only feel sheer gratitude and happiness when people realize things. Even something like this. I’m proud of you Brisa!

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