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My 4 Step Plan to Being a Better Blogger

Hello Everyone,

So we are on our way out of 2017, there have definitely been some ups and downs! But I wanted today’s post to really reflect on how do we change to get better from here? For the New Year there are always a bunch of people who make goals and encourage others to do the same, but very few people talk about how to actually start working towards your goals. So I thought maybe we should talk about action plans.

Action Plan?

To me an action plan is a set of smaller goals put into some type of order, (chronological, easiest to hardest, etc. …), and allows you to achieve larger goals by converting them into more accessible, less intimidating steps to follow. This is such an important practice to have because it helps keep even the biggest goals super manageable.

Even more importantly, they also give you a feeling of success each time you complete a mini-goal versus feeling so behind on your big goal!


So What Does This Look Like?

Glad you asked! Well I know I was talking about my personal goals for “Year As” in my October post, and I spoke about how things are kind of crashing and burning a few weeks ago in my last post. Now I am going to talk about my action plan to help things get better! Because while it’s easy to acknowledge this are going wrong, it should be pretty simple to fix them also.

My Action Plan to Improve Year As:

  1. When I started “Year As” I read at least 3 articles a day, watched YouTube videos and listened to Podcasts. I did all of this just so I could feel like I was going in prepared! What I realized was, once the writing had started, the research had ended. This was super detrimental to my progress. Yes, I agree, you can definitely learn by doing, but for me, I rather avoid mistakes as much as I can. So reading and research are super important for my blogging journey.

And actually, researching could be super helpful for any goal. Being informed is empowering. While experiences may be new to us, there are people who have almost always been there before and have a bunch of advice. Once we absorb and implement that advice, whether we follow it religiously or not, gives us the opportunity to choose what feels best for us, rather being stuck making the wrong decision because we didn’t know we had options.


Step 1 for my Action Plan: Listen to at least on podcast or YouTube Video daily, and  read two articles a day. (Super doable!)

  1. People don’t come out of nowhere! Well okay, sometimes they do, but for the most part I need to find people who care about my journey. Or at the very least make my self easy to find. Lately I have quite literally given up on my personal social media accounts, besides Instagram. I got part-time jobs managing other people’s social media accounts and basically didn’t have the energy or zeal to maintain all of mine. THIS IS BAD! I am a blogger. I need to be accessible, I need to be transparent, and I need to be social.

This is so relevant to the environment that almost all of us live in now. Social media can be more than just interacting with your friends. It can be a pretty lucrative and helpful business model that allows you to work for yourself and control your life in any way you want. So if I am serious about this blogging thing, I need to be serious about my social media. I know its hard at first because it is a lot of time and for beginners like me it is no money. However, with consistency and passion it can bring in opportunities that would be hard to get otherwise.

Step 2 for my Action Plan: Post everyday on Twitter, three times a week on Instagram and Facebook. I need to interact with people everyday for AT LEAST an hour and start messaging other bloggers first. You know, to make friends.

  1. Lately I have been posting based off of my experience at that moment. What I realized is that may not be the most helpful approach. What is necessary for me to remember as I continue this process, “Year As” is not just my diary, it’s a way to help others. I cannot help others if I go into a post and only talk about me. I need to be more considerate of everyone’s goals, dreams, thoughts, and needs. In order to actually help people, I need to actually help people.

For me especially I can easily get carried away with what I want to do and how amazing it could be, and totally forget to consider what I want may not be all that interesting. This needs to change. In order to thrive I need to be aware of what you all are looking for and I doubt you all want monthly rants about me and my emotions. At least not all the time. With the help of my research, (see step one) and my new friends (See step two), I want to incorporate other people’s experiences.

Step 3 for my Action Plan: Get at least 6 guest bloggers to write on my page. (So if you want to guest blog message me or comment!)

  1. Lastly, I need to be even more adventurous with my endeavors. I need to go to events, blogger meet ups, networking parties, and more! I need to get out there in real life, live real life, and bring it back to you all.

For me this part of the action plan may need its own little sub-action plan because it really is intimidating to me. However, I know I need to do it, so it’s on the list!

No matter what your goals are, if you are starting a business, becoming a marathoner or whatever, meeting people is important. Its how you build your network, learn things about your passion and find opportunities you didn’t even know existed. We cannot be afraid to get out there. This is how we start a good year!

Step 4 for my Action Plan: Be More SOCIAL!

So there it is, my 4 step action plan to being a better blogger. I want “Year As” to succeed, I want it to help others, I want it to open doors for me, but first I need to nurture it and invest my efforts towards it.

Do you have an action plan?

Do you need help making one?

Lets start a conversation below and see where we can help each other!


Thank you for sticking with me. I cannot wait to see you in the New Year!

12 thoughts on “My 4 Step Plan to Being a Better Blogger”

  1. Hi Brisa Marie,
    I think we must be on the same wave-length. I’ve actually just finished writing something related to your topic. I won’t link it here, as I’ve got the impression that can be rude haha!

    I can understand your personal frustration when things go wrong, but I also admire your willingness to go back to the drawing board (we can still use that term, right?), and rethink/replan and rebuild. Only when we give up, have we truly lost.

    For me, I like to mindmap a concept. From one idea, I can see which topics could overlap, where new topics could rise etc. It’s useful to me. 🙂

    Keep us updated. I for one want to see how your action plan plays out!
    Alan of SeotoTravel

    (p.s. If you’re looking for guest bloggers, I’d love to attempt it!)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. That is wonderful! And please feel free to link your article here! I rather everyone get all the information they need!

      That’s so exciting. Can you email me and we can talk about guest blogging? (

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much! Sorry for the delayed response, I was on holiday. I really appreciate your support.

      What are your 2018 goals?


  2. I feel you on the third step. It was brought to me from another writer whom I asked for feedback. It didn’t sound harsh, however I realized at that point that I talked A LOT about myself and it often times begs the question “who cares?” True you are a person and it’s okay to write a little about yourself and your experiences, but it’s not necessary to get into the details. People learn more about you the more they read your words. It’s good that you realized that and catching on to this. You got this Brisa!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. After reading a few posts of yours, I would just like to say I really enjoy your happy-go-lucky attitude that comes across in your writing! I love reading about people’s goals, as it pushes me to further explore my own. Happy New Year!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Happy New Year! Awe! Thank you so much. I truly appreciate you saying that and even more so reading my posts!!!! I would love to hear what your goals are!

      Liked by 1 person

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