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How to Deal With Not Being Good at Your Dream Job

Hello everyone and Happy Merry December!

I come to this post today with some sobering news. Turns out, I’m actually not that good at blogging. But here’s the thing, I still really like it.

So what does that mean?

Well first, Blogging is hard. Its not just about writing your feelings, thoughts or opinions. Its about marketing yourself, making friends, being helpful, and learning along the way. Readers don’t just appear, followers don’t grow on trees, and relevant topics are also sort of hard to come by. It is a lot of work, and I realized, I may not be as good at it as I thought I was.

This is not to start our December with bad ju-ju, actually quite the opposite, it’s me trying to gain some perspective. I started “Year As” August 1st, 5 months ago today! (yai!) I guess I thought I’d be a super star by now, you know signing autographs, or at least getting consistent retweets on Twitter. What I realize now, is sometimes what you expect is not always realistic. Life gets in the way, as I wrote about in my November blog post, I was SWAMPED. Writing a thesis, completing art projects, working and volunteering really took up a lot more time than I expected. Some things that I thought were going to be easy and quick to do, like sending out social media blasts and reading other people’s blogs, ended up requiring a lot more time than I had. Even emailing people back has been an extreme challenge for me. And all of these things are essential to managing and promoting a blog. So I have lost some readers, I am getting less engagement, and I am almost always waiting until last minute to write a post. With these things becoming super apparent to me, I have to accept that maybe blogging just isn’t my forte.


Okay, Why are You Saying This?

I am saying this because sometimes we are not good at what we want to do, but it is so important not to give up on yourself! I love blogging, it is so much fun to write and pretend to have a gigantic audience who are anxiously waiting to read my post! It’s the best feeling. It’s exciting to think of all the amazing possibilities that can come from blogging. It gets me pumped! So if I let a small little thing like “not being good at it” get in my way, well I will never be good at it. In life there are things we all can naturally do pretty well. I have always been a good public speaker, entertainer, and attention lover. However, I have never been someone who likes working alone, spending a ton of time behind a computer screen, or editing papers. It’s just not who I am. But that doesn’t mean it can’t be part of who I can be.

The point of “Year As” was to grow and challenge myself to be better. Often when we have dreams or goals, they focus on who we could be and not how we are now. That’s why they are goals, they are something we strive towards. There is always room to improve and that should be the fun part of trying something new. I am not good at blogging, but maybe in seven months I might be! Or at the very least be better than I was today. It is hard to believe in yourself. The process to success can be really long and require a lot of patience, resilience, and confidence. It is so important to remember what was the reason you began. If you are starting a business, a new job, a new phase in life, do you want to start them to be exactly the same, or to be a better version of yourself? In order to achieve something that we have never done before, we have to change our old habits.  We have to be self-aware and understand where we can improve, but also confident and believe in what we are already able to do. It is definitely easier said than done, but it is completely doable!

The Takeaway?

So maybe you aren’t good at sales, or doing make-up, or even fatherhood, but you definitely can become good at it. Do not let any voices of negativity keep you from doing what you love and want to do, not even your own. My numbers are dropping and I don’t post as often as I should, so okay, I am not good at my “job”. But I am willing to spend the next seven months trying new things, learning, and exploring so one day I can say I became great at blogging!

You can do this, you don’t have to be good to end up being great, You just have to work for it!

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