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2 YouTube Channels That Will Help You Succeed

Hello Everyone & Happy Wednesday!

Today I wanted to get back to the basics and share a little part of me with you!

Like I stated in my very first post a few months ago, I began this journey of reinvention and self-exploration because of three people. The first being myself, I really wanted to be more; more than just a person who does the same thing every day.  I wanted to learn about myself, see things, and try things I never thought were possible. However, at the time, I didn’t know how. This is where the second person helped influence my journey.

My best friend Rachel and I had always joked around about being social media famous. We loved performing, gossip, being on camera, and pretending to be fabulous. With mutual friends and a dance movement, we started a YouTube channel where we documented our lives in high school. It was so much fun! But as we got older, life started to get in the way. We went off to college and stopped posting, but the conversations never ended. She got her degree in Broadcast Journalism, started her own media company, ( and is soooooooo fabulous on Instagram (@RachelMarieLive). Even though I moved miles and miles away from Texas, and had virtually no friends when I left, she was always there to support me and make me feel invincible. She is the one who exposed me to the third and even a fourth person who helped me get on my journey.

So today let’s talk about influencers for aspiring influencers!

Shameless Maya

Now I know I have talked about her before in my post about over coming rejection, but she really is amazing. She is a lifestyle vlogger that is super honest and vulnerable. She does cosplay, skin care, tech advice, and social media hacks. She is all about being transparent about her work in social media, but this is not exactly why I put her in this list. Maya started her journey in 2012, she documented her journey and shamelessly put herself out there. She is the one who showed me that it is okay to try things without having an idea of what will happen. She shows her successes but most importantly her failures! Also it was really amazing to look back at her videos and Instagram posts for the past five years and really track how far she has come. Most of the time when we meet influencers, we only see the shiny, sparkly, finished product of their career, but with Maya and her channel you see the good, the bad, and the ugly.

So if you are looking for some inspiration and a reminder that patience really does pay off, here’s a sneak peak of her channel.

Gary Vaynerchuk

Rachel also introduced me to Gary Vaynerchuk or Gary Vee, two weeks before I launched Year As. He is a social media mogul, motivational speaker, and a YouTuber that does more than just tell you about his success, he spells out what success takes. He is so in your face and a little vulgar, but it is his honesty and authenticity that makes me love every bit of what he does. When I started my blog, as you all know, I didn’t know what a blog, social media, or even networking required. But literally after two weeks of consuming his content, I felt so much more equipped to run my enterprise how I felt fit. He’s your personal hype man and really does want everyone to succeed. Not to mention he tweeted at me in October. (See below)


Gary has a video on almost every topic imaginable. So if you find yourself feeling doubtful, needing guidance, or just want to see other people’s success story, GaryVee is the perfect channel.


Well there you have it. My two go-to channels on YouTube that keep me inspired and optimistic about the future!

Thank you so much for reading! Comment if you have any other inspirational YouTuber suggestions!

Don’t forget to follow on social media!

And as always see you next month!

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