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Time Management, Self-Care, and Prioritization

Hello Everyone!

Happy November! The holiday season is fast approaching, and my last semester of graduate school is finally looking like it will end! Oh, happy day!!

October was an amazing month, but also super busy! Last month, I had two art projects (one video and one sculpture), the first draft of my master’s thesis, and my first grad application for doctoral programs all due in the last week. And of course, I still had work and blogging duties to attend to. While I did not realize it, my body was reacting to extreme tension and fatigue. My eye had been twitching since the last week in September, I was developing sores in my mouth, and I was becoming irritable. I was STRESSED! What I realized is, I need to talk about time management, prioritization, and self-care. Not just to give advice, but to document the feelings I have now.

What are my feelings?

Well here’s the thing. I am feeling so much better now. It is not because all these things are done and over with, though it definitely does help, instead it was a realization I had. Often when we read articles about time management they usually give cute little tips on sticky notes, calendars, and maybe even getting friends to help, but in reality, there is so much more to it. Time management is not just getting everything on your to-do list done, its creating a balance in your life. It’s about prioritization.

It is so easy to forget about this aspect of time management because many times we are so focused on producing or “hustling” that we don’t prioritize us!

So What Does This Mean?

While I think it is important to practice self-care and take bubble baths and watch Netflix, what I think we need most to take care of ourselves is perspective. My body was literally trying to tell me it was not okay, and I didn’t listen. Instead, I wanted to attend every event, post on social, do my homework, go to work, write my blog, and still feel 100%. It just wasn’t reasonable. So I told myself that I had enough, and I put my computer down, turned my phone off, lied down and took a nap. When I woke up, the world was just as I left it, but now I had rested.

So What’s the Perspective?

Things are important but so are you, and honestly there are very few things that just cannot wait until tomorrow. You are irreplaceable. This is so important not to just understand but also to accept and really and truly believe. Yes, meeting deadlines are important, but missing one is not the end of the world. If it was, companies or universities wouldn’t have protocols to address late submissions. Yes, you want to be an unstoppable entrepreneur in your twenties, but taking a week off is not going to erase your past two years of hard-work, and it may give you the energy to keep going. There is a myth that hard work must be gruesome, but I firmly believe you can work hard and take care of yourself exactly how you need to. If you need a “no technology Tuesday” then do it! Unplug, refresh, and start again.

I just did.  You want to know why this post was so late? I was tired. I didn’t want to stay up past midnight, or wake up before 8 to write. I didn’t have it in me this week. Sometimes I do, sometimes I will, but today I didn’t. And what I realized is, my friends on this journey with me won’t hate me because it was up later than usual, I won’t lose followers, I don’t even think many people will care. And if they do, I have eight more months to keep trying to win them over.

There are no mistakes we cannot come back from. There is always an opportunity to try again, but you only have one body, one soul that deserves to be the healthiest and happiest version of itself. So do that. Be the healthiest and happiest you can be, then go conquer the world.


Well quite simply, I just want us to remember we are the most important part of our enterprise. Your children depend on you, your company, even your classes because a degree is kind of meaningless without the person who earned it. A child is lost without their parent, and a job depends on your energy, skills, and experience to make things run smoothly. You are it. Not the contract, paper, or whatever else that has you stressing. Take a breath. Truly relax in the way you know how, and please make sure you are able to smile when you get back to work.

Happy November. See you soon.

3 thoughts on “Time Management, Self-Care, and Prioritization”

  1. I’m really enjoying your writing style. Your paragraphs are flawless.

    Quite often we forget that we do need to look after ourselves, unplug, unwind, and recharge – before charging back into the fray gunning to succeed.
    Personally, when I realize I’m doing too much, I have to turn on some electronic music (trance helps), and re-prioritize my to-do list – minimise it to what’s immediately essential.


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