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5 Stats On What Beginning Looks Like

Hello everyone!

It’s the 15th and I am so happy to see you back!

Well like I said before, October is a very special month for me. While October has many reasons to love it (see my previous post), I am super excited my birthday is in four days! So, I thought today I would do a special kind of list. Five facts about me, right now.

I’m doing something a little different and it makes me feel very vulnerable. I could make this post fun and simple by just telling you I love bananas, matcha tea and art, but where would be the growth in that? Instead I am taking a leap of faith, in myself, and stating some facts, or stats. Where I am now as a blogger, as an entrepreneur, as a young adult, is a very pinnacle and delicate stage. I am a beginner. As a beginner there is always the mystery of the future. Will I be successful? Will I want to keep doing this? Will I find something better? Will I just not be cut out for this? So this list is more than a snapshot of who is Brisa Marie, instead it is a declaration of “the now” and a promise for the future.

So why do this?

Today, I am opening up because I know how it feels to see successful people look like they arrived overnight. Or hear them talk about their humble beginning is utter disbelief. You do not have to wait to hear my humble beginnings, I am serving them to you right now on a virtual platter. While in all honesty, I would much rather hide this information, wait until I succeed and then talk about it. I don’t feel like that’s fair. This is a journey, success is a journey, and everyone has to start somewhere. I want you to be a part of my journey and this is the only way I know how to do that. I am including you in every step of the way.

This is intimidating for me because I acknowledge by sharing this information online and publicly, there are few outcomes that can happen. I can make this declaration and in 9 months I will be exactly in the same place, or even worse off. This post would then become an indisputable monument of my failures or lack of talent, which is sobering. However, I can also look back in 9 months and see growth, success and positivity. I write this post and I have to believe that I can make myself better even if things are slow moving now.

I truly hope this post helps provide some perspective on what beginning can look and feel like, and I also hope it inspires you to start your own beginning.


Give Me the Facts!

  1. Followers on Social

Now: I have 915 followers on Instagram, 295 followers on Twitter, 31 Likes on my Facebook page.

Goal: I would like to increase all my followers across social accounts by 60%.
(IG: 1,464, Twitter: 472, FB: 53.) While 900+ may seem like a lot, from the perspective from a sponsor, a business, or influencers, 900 is not that different than 200. This is really because having 10,000+ followers allows for more social influence and therefore financial opportunities. I have to remember, the goal here is not to be money crazy,  though it is okay to want to make money. The goal is to grow, be consistent and find happiness. Be patient, enjoy the process 10,000 can come but more times than not, it is not overnight.  So for now, these goals will have to do.


  1. Readers

Now: Average 288 visitors, 516 views

Goal: Average 1000 visitors, 1000 views. This number makes me most uncomfortable. The only reader numbers I see on blogs are in the 6 figures range, and while that would be wonderful, I really am not sure if I can get those types of numbers in just 9 months. Basically, this is just an arbitrary number, but it really represents my desire for growth. Again, I don’t think “success” wise a thousand readers is all that much different from five hundred, but what this number will represent is my ability to engage people. Any growth here is extremely positive.

  1. Income

Now: I have a very small income stream and when I say small, I mean microscopic. I am a full-time student. I work three jobs and only one of them pays. I currently live off of student loans. This is as real and transparent as I can get!

Goal: To have one consistent revenue stream. Essentially, a full-time job that pays me enough to live off of. Additionally, It’s official! Check the screenshot below, I just upgraded my website so I can have the ability to monetize it. So I’d also like to make a couple bucks off of the website a month, just so it can pay for its own social media ads.

Upgrade Message

  1. Expenses

Now: I spend 7-15 dollars on my blog per month. This is exclusively ads. I just upgraded my URL so, I will also pay about 100$ a year to keep my domain name and get better support on my website

Goal: This is a weird one because automatically, I’d like to say my goal is to have no expenses, but in reality I know that is not reasonable. Let’s see… My goal is to always have my expenses stay manageable. I do not ever want to feel overwhelmed or fall in debt because of my blog. This is a passion project, so I never want to feel like I suffer from it!

  1. Networking

Now: Lets just say this needs work. I have been to two real networking events since I have started “Year As”, but here’s the thing, I don’t really network while I am there. I know I just wrote a post on promotions a few weeks ago. It is still hard for me! In fact, I went to a networking event yesterday, I brought all my cards and only handed out one. I need to do better. Simple as that. I am proud that I have been more willing to do things randomly, but just showing up is not enough.

Goal: Be Better.


Take this all away. I do not come from money, I do not have a lot of business investors, friends, or experience. I have a dream, a computer, and now a domain name. You can do this. We can do this. This is what beginning looks like. It is slow, a little lonely, really intimidating and overwhelming, but don’t give up. Lean on me, follow this journey, ask questions, give advice, talk about it. Reach out to people. This is how we make it, this is how we grow.


If you have any more questions, or want me to give you any other stats leave a comment.

Like always engage with me on social!

Thank you so much for reading. See you Nov. 1st!


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9 thoughts on “5 Stats On What Beginning Looks Like”

  1. It is so amazing to see you payforward to the world sharing your journey and your life as an aspiring young woman in the world. Reading your posts I saw a reflection of myself and it reminded me to never give up. Thank you!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. This is a good start Brisa and I believe that you’ll get there. When you are committed to your blog and you focus on what you need to do to get there you can achieve it. The only thing I’d say is I’d challenge yourself to work past those numbers that you set and to focus on why you are setting these goals. I’m saying that because I know how dangerous it can be to set goals for the sake of attention. Of course, I’d be happy to help in any way I can, all you need to do is ask. 🙂

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  3. What an inspiring post! I think that is great that you had the courage to put your goals out there. This is something I struggle with for the same reasons you me stipend in your post. I am worried that I am not make the kind of progress I tell everyone I would like to make but I see the positive in putting it all out there, too. I feel like accountability helps me at time push through and achieve my goals. I think that you are doing great. I am still new to blogging and I wish I had the numbers you had, but I am working to get there. I am sure with your passion and hard work you will be able to achieve your goals. Keep up the good work you have been doing and congrats on your site upgrade that is something else I am also working toward.

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    1. Thank you so much, I really appreciate you sharing your experience. I think part of the battle also, kind of what @Ericscottburdon pointed out, is that maybe we should care less about the actual fact if we made the goals we set and focus more on progress. Goals are great but when we are starting out, sometimes they are also arbitrary, so having that perspective that all growth is good growth is another way to make ourselves accountable in a realistic way! Also your kind words really do mean a lot to me! Thank you so much, I am sure you will also grow!

      Liked by 1 person

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