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3 Articles That’ll Help You Overcome Self-Doubt

Message From Management

Hello everyone, I am so happy to see you are here!

First, I’d like to say, I waited really late to edit this, so please disregard any typos. I will look it over in the morning. Second, I would like to address a few minor adjustments. Today’s post will have 3 articles. Why you ask? Well, because I realized, 10 articles are actually a lot to read, and I genuinely want you all to read them. I chose these articles because I think they offer some type of guidance, so I rather you all have time for these links and look at 2/3 of the content rather 1/5 of it. And let’s face it, even if I had posted 10 great quality links, coming back to my page 10 times just for links is a little inconvenient. So please forgive me if I upset or disappointed any of you. I can get you more links if you want, just shoot me a message or leave a comment below and I will handle it ASAP!

Also, I want to do a mid-month check-in. I didn’t necessarily expect this to be something I would want to do so soon, but turns out, this is actually the fun part of writing “Year As”, but if you are more interested in the articles, feel free to skip down.

Where Did All My Traffic Go? A Story of a Novice Blogger Trying to Make It

Perhaps I should have made that the title of this post! Seriously though, I want to address something I don’t think many baby bloggers talk about. Numbers. All week, I tried googling, what are good numbers for a new blog or how much traffic is acceptable for a new blogger, but there were no realistic numbers that I could find, and that’s a shame. It’s a shame because the only numbers that do exist on the internet are big, flashy, and definitely not beginner numbers. It is hard to feel any sensation of success, when the only articles available that even address traffic numbers are humbly titled, “How I Made Money Blogging with Only 10,000 Views” or “How I Got 100,000 Views in One Week”. This may be possible, but it is not very common.  So here are mine.

LinkedIn Article

Total: 13 visitors, 0 likes, 0 shares, 0 comments.

Medium Post

Zeros across the board. Probably won’t post there again.

Website Traffic-

Day 1: 21 visitors; 47 views; no likes; 2 comments.

Day 2: 10 visitors; 19 views; 3 likes; 1 comments.

Day 3: 3 visitors; 3 views; 0 likes; 0 comments.

Day 4: 3 visitors; 6 views; 0 likes, 0 comments.

Day 5: 3 visitors, 7 views, 0 likes, 0 comments.

Day 6: 1 visitor; 5 views; 0 likes, 0 comments. (And I am pretty sure that was me)

Day 7: 1 visitor; 1 view; 0 likes, 0 comments.

So why did I stop at day seven? Well that’s because the views stopped on day seven. At first, I felt a little disappointed, I wasn’t sure what I had expected to see, but I didn’t think views would just stop. Instead of feeling completely defeated, I reflected on things I did differently. For one I had splurged on a 7-dollar, 7-day Facebook ad which generated 25 profile clicks in total. Then I realized my Facebook page had at the time 19 followers and they most likely saw and read the post within the first two or three days of promotion. Additionally, I acknowledged that I got 3 really amazing and encouraging comments and 2 follows from people I didn’t have to harass, that made me feel so pumped and appreciated! So thank you! (You know who you are).

Taking a step back and evaluating what I did to promote my first blog post and what I had achieved in my first week, made me reframe how I viewed my tapering numbers. I no longer felt like I was so boring that people stopped reading, but instead I decided I was so interesting everyone I knew read it within the first week! Perhaps that may be a little too optimistic, but it gave me a different perspective and helped me create new goals. So now, I not only want to get more than 42 visitors this upcoming week, but I also want to increase the amount of followers on my Facebook page and Twitter, while increasing the amount WordPress subscribers and comments! Also, this way if all my views come in the first week, I can focus on other the ways all of you are interacting with me.

Why I am saying this?

It’s easy to get discouraged. Especially when you find yourself comparing your work or yourself to everyone else. It’s an easy cycle to get caught up in, but instead of looking around and seeing how far behind you might be in the race. Pretend to be a high-class racing horse with blinders, keep your head straight, your eyes on the prize, and as long as you keep moving forward you will reach the finish line. Because unlike horse racing, life is not about who finishes first, it’s about making sure you finish. So keep going, create goals, and finish them!


Photo by Noah Silliman on Unsplash


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Thank you all for reading, sharing, and interacting with me because I quite literally cannot achieve my goals without you.


Self-Improvement Articles- Let’s Get Over the Beginners’ Slump Together!

So here is my carefully curated list of self-improvement articles that I have read and I hope you like. I’m telling you they have great information, so click on them. And I will know if you actually do it, so don’t let me down!


This one is for my fellow idea hoarders, and do not try to deny it, we are in this together. You know, we have lists on our phones, computers, even old notebooks, where we manage to scribble down all our great ideas and leave them to live and die. Only to visit them again when we have a new addition to our never-ending lists of things I want to do one day. It’s time we start crossing off some of those things and make one day today! Yann Girard, a world traveling, unconventional, adventure seeking pro provides realistic advice on how to deal with fear and the struggle of picking up, starting over and trying something new.  So, lets get our pens ready.

Read Yann Girard’s “Rethinking the Now” (Twitter: @girard_yann)


I realize as we hear successful people tell us their story. Their journey always seems to be so effortless, in other words they make it look easy. But obviously if taking a chance, changing our life, and doing something new was easy… well I’d probably be a fancy island-hopping travel blogger right now. However, that’s okay because we are not the only ones who have to deal with reality, rejection, and reservations. (The three tough R’s). Pamela Slim understands and wrote an article about actual practices that help us to keep moving forward and, more importantly, smiling through all the tough stuff.

Read Pamela Slim’s “Find Joy in the Terror of Starting Something New” (Twitter: @PamSlim)


Now, I understand that some of you may actually be very happy where you are in life. But bettering yourself doesn’t always have to mean quitting your job and moving to San Juan to run a B&B. Sometimes it’s the little things that count. As Stew Friedman describes a change doesn’t have to be drastic to be positive, “it could be anything–from exercising more often, to writing in a journal, to having lunch with friends and colleagues, to volunteering for a nonprofit, to delegating more, to working at home”. This article explains the importance of enhancing your daily life starting with baby steps forward. Because that’s kind of the point of this blog, I don’t want us to be stuck in the same place.

Read Stew Friedman’s “Overcome Your Fear of Trying Something New” (Twitter: @StewFriedman)


Did you read my last post? Well here it is!

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5 thoughts on “3 Articles That’ll Help You Overcome Self-Doubt”

  1. I need to set up a Facebook page for my blog but I’m not sure how I would get people to see it as I don’t want to share it with my actual Facebook friends (I prefer a level of anonymity for my blog). Do you have any advice on garnering attention on a Facebook page? Nice read, your blog is really insightful!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hey! Thank you for commenting. That’s a really great question. For me I don’t mind my strategy being closely connected to my actual real life friends and Facebook friends. If you want to keep your blog anonymous or at the very least still pretty private, my best advice is to save a little money for facebook ads. Most of my “Likes” are friends but all my “Likes” from non-friends came from my Facebook promotions. You do not have to break the bank either, Facebook has some pretty reasonable prices starting at 5 USD. Additionally, if you are a part of any blogging communities or groups via other social media a little canvassing could also help. Right now my numbers are growing really slowly and I do depend heavily on FB promotions but it’s better than buying followers or likes because these will be real ppl who are really interested. I hope this help at least a little.

      Liked by 2 people

      1. Thanks for the reply, thats really helpful to know. I had no idea you could buy facebook ads like that. Setting up a facebook page is something that I know I should do but i don’t really like facebook and I keep putting it off! Definitely need to join some blogging communities also. Are there any in particular you can recommend?


        1. Hey no problem. As of right now. I really don’t have any good blogging communities to suggest. But I’ll do some research and put it in future post. 😀 Thanks

          Liked by 1 person

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