I think it is important to state, first and foremost, I am a beginner, a novice, an amateur, a newcomer and most importantly I am a learner. “Year As” is not a blog of “How-To’s” or a “Guide to Success”, instead it’s a starting place. I began this journey of blogging after months of wanting to do something new, something meaningful, and something fun. In my personal opinion, while life may feel short, it is actually long. In fact, it is the longest thing we as humans do, and the idea of being the same person everyday of every year for the rest of my life made me uncomfortable. So I decided to force myself to try something new and not just once but every year.

“Year As” is not a blog about blogging, it is a story about growth, self-awareness and discovery. By being honest, vulnerable and candid about my experiences, I hope “Year As” can inspire you to overcome fear and doubt and to reinvent yourself in a way you never thought of before. So please join me as I explore this year.